The marine industry has a large share of economic contribution in operating the global economy. Furthermore, the sector also contributes to tackling some of the world’s most pressing economic and social concerns such as climate change, feeding the world population, and globalization.   Amidst all of this, the Maritime industries face numerous challenges, including persistent supply and demand mismatches, environmental imperatives, employment issues connected to the ageing workforce, and worker safety in shipbuilding and shipping. However, the biggest challenge in the maritime industry that ship owners, managers and superintendents face is the accessibility to the ships and vessels that keep travelling globally at very unpredictable schedules. Receiving a reliable technical service for your vessel can be gruelling at times. Furthermore, implementing new measures of the company across the fleet of ships that trade globally, their verification onboard, and assessments also come as a challenge for all those involved.   To solve this maritime challenge, ship owners resort to outsourcing services such as ship inspections for their sea vessels. Shipinspectors  is the first of its kind outsourcing management platform for the Shipping Industry, is here to offer outsourcing services and solve global maritime challenges for ship owners and managers. The portal is a cutting-edge, all-encompassing, and transparent system that enables our shipping clients to receive reliable third-party services. On the other hand, client feedback and rating are fuelling a global workforce of freelance ship inspectors.

How does the Ship inspection online portal work?

  • The portal serves as a platform for the standardization of global maritime resources. The standardization is done through the creation of online profiles, conducting training & tests, and taking customer feedback & rating on the portal.
  • Standardizations of service procedure by cloud reporting and an analytical system for consistent, actionable and reliable information.
  • Continuous training of resources on specialized services using our knowledge assets
  • Development of technology for business intelligence to support smart decision making.

How to use the Portal for inspection services?

At the portal, there are two types of interfaces for ship inspection services-
  1. For Shipping Clients
  2. For Ship inspectors
The first interface i.e. for shipping clients assists them to receive reliable third-party services for their sea vessels. On the other hand, the second interface i.e. for ship inspectors, helps them offer their ship inspection services to shipping companies operating globally. Let’s understand how does it work for customers and ship inspectors- For customers- Step 1: Browse the portal and locate ship inspectors worldwide in major ports. Step 2: Once you find a suitable ship inspector, review their ratings and feedback provided by other costumes. Step 3: Review the Ship inspector’s profile, test scores and previous experience. Step 4: View electronic reports on the cloud and benchmark your concerned ship. For ship inspectors- Step 1: Create your online profile on Step 2:  Build a solid profile by providing excellent customer service and getting good ratings, receiving regular training, and boosting test scores. Step 3: Prepare and submit reports online Step 4: Knowledge sharing and e-learning Furthermore, if you wish to buy a ship for trade, you can easily verify inspection reports, publish reviews, and share your thoughts with the community of customers through this portal. Our ship inspectors are more diligent and reliable as a result of a feedback-driven community. A ship inspector creates ship inspection reports electronically via a portal. As a result, after the ship inspector has filled out the form, there is no way to change it. The ship inspector has complete authority over the analytical reports and accompanying documents, ensuring impartiality and transparency. Browse the portal to know more.