Vessel Assurance Surveys For Insurance and P&I purposes, it becomes essential to assess a ship. Insurance surveys are helpful in identifying any issues which could lead to a claim. The insurance companies and the claimant mostly hire independent surveyors to get an unbiased assessment of the ship. Insurance surveys are different from Delivery inspections. These are done before accepting the ship from a Shipyard or builder yard. It checks whether the ship has been delivered in accordance with the agreed specifications or not. Let us read about some other types of ship inspections and surveys that are commonly carried out to determine the condition of the ship.  Condition Surveys  This survey is carried out to determine the condition of the vessel hull, machinery and equipment, and to what extent and nature of defects. In this kind of surveys, the following areas are surveyed: – The bridge communication and navigation equipment  – Vessel accommodation  – Ship’s Hull – draught marks, the plates, propeller, bow thruster, and type of rudder, Ballast tanks Void and Cargo Spaces.  – Main deck areas include railings, mast house structure, deck plating, air vents etc. – Safety equipment  – Fire-fighting equipment  – Engine Room  To prepare an honest report about the condition of the ship, all these factors are taken into consideration. Sinotech Marine offers its  Third-party ship inspection services in covering major ports in Europe and Mediterranean areas. On-Off Hire Surveys  An on-hire survey is carried out to determine and record the condition of the ship at the time of it being delivered into a charter. It includes verifying the bunker left on board at the time of delivery so that on re-delivery to the owner, the quantity remains the same as at the beginning of the charter.  This inspection comprises of: – Main deck area’s condition  – Ship’s Hull  – Weather deck hatch covers  – Cargo Gear and securing equipment  – Deckheads  – Dry and Liquid Cargo Compartments  – Living and Working Conditions  – Internal Structures  Marine Incident Investigation  It is an elaborate and systematic examination of marine accidents that involve ships and other marine crafts. These surveys are carried out to determine the cause of the incident. The IMO has directed all flag states of their registered ships to report any serious marine accident and investigate the same.  Draft Displacement Surveys  This survey is carried out to determine the weight of the solid cargo. In the case of liquid cargo, determining the cargo quantity is quite simple as it can be calculated by the density and volume of the cargo but for solid cargo, it cannot be calculated like that. This is why draft surveys are carried out as they are considered the most appropriate way of calculating it.  These are just some of the many surveys that are done in the maritime industry. To know more about ship inspection services in Europe, keep following our blog!