A marine survey is a thorough examination of a vessel, similar to receiving a seaworthy certificate. It is specifically designed to detect existing faults, highlight vulnerabilities that could become future problems, and provide a detailed picture of the vessel’s overall state. It is also important for shipping clients to hire a professional independent marine surveyor to get a reliable valuation. Thus, if you wish to get an unbiased assessment, you’re at the right place. Shipinspectors.com is the first of its kind outsourcing management platform for the shipping Industry. Our innovative, comprehensive, and transparent system helps our shipping clients to receive diligent 3rd party services. On the other side, it is driving a workforce of independent ship inspectors globally through customer feedback and rating. The maritime industry is a global market As we know that more than 90% of global trade is carried out by ships. It allows countries to access the raw materials needed to develop their economies. Also, it enables the manufacture and export of affordable goods and products. Thereby, the maritime industry is the backbone of the global supply chain. Ships and shipping are vital to the employment and welfare of billions of people in developing countries, as well as the industrialised and developed world’s living standards. The shipping sector has contributed significantly to the recent tremendous advances in global living standards that have lifted millions of people out of extreme poverty. To safely carry the cargo by sea, the industry applies several standards of compliance for safe and environment-friendly operations of vessels globally. This comes as a challenge for vessel operators. They have to implement new industry requirements and verify them onboard due to limited accessibility to their fleet as the vessels keep trading worldwide on a very unpredictable schedule. Furthermore, shipowners and managers spend a significant sum of money on travelling. The superintendents have to attend to their vessel’s inspection and implementation of company procedures onboard the ship. Small to medium-sized ship owners or managers cannot attend to the vessel frequently except in some convenient ports. Since the marine third-party ship inspection market is totally fragmented and unstandardized, outsourcing to third-party service providers is not easy. Moreover, ships usually have a very fast turnaround with continuously improving or modernized port facilities and ship handling equipment, forcing the vessel port schedule and planning the attendance on the vessel by their own staff is so challenging. Finally, vessels do not receive reliable and frequent attendance, which may significantly affect their safety compliance and maintenance. Why is it so important to have frequent visits to the ship for verification of compliance and vessel condition? When it comes to maritime safety, there are several factors to consider. The purpose of the surveyor inspection is to keep them up to date on the latest innovations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and to inform them of what is now popular in the convention throughout the world. Most ship owners and operators are unaware of these details. Therefore they must be taught or shown how they work. However, the marine surveyor is aware of these details, so they must inform ship operators and owners so that the crew, ship, and cargo remain safe at sea. On the other hand, the ship’s responsible officers work onboard the ship for 3 to 4 months. Therefore, the ship officers keep frequently changing, due to which the monitoring of the sea vessel by ship superintendent or third party becomes very crucial. How is Sinotech Marine solving this global challenge? Sinotech Marine has trained and developed diligent and competent superintendents, surveyors, and consultants in major ports and over 75 countries. It has developed a unique outsourcing platform www.shipinspectors.com to help shipping companies get reliable inspection services. Over 700 shipping companies are using our portal. More than thousands of verified independent inspectors and surveyors are registered on the portal providing over 70+ different kinds of ship inspections and marine services. Also, we offer this Portal service free of charge for ship inspectors and shipping companies. For more details, please contact us at enquiries@sinotechmarine.com or create your account on www.shipinspectors.com.