A great deal of attention goes into the designing and building of ships with inspections. Shipyards are aware that even if there is a slight error/mistake, it can cost them heavy penalties and delays. This is why, when the construction of a ship is finished, the ship owners make sure that the ship meets the standards that have been laid out in the building contract. While several organizations employ their in-house specialists for the job, in many cases independent inspections are needed. To carry out independent ship inspection, a Marine surveyor can turn out to be extremely useful. Sinotech Marine offers Independent ship inspection services in Australia. A Marine Surveyor is someone who is a specialist and has incredible experience in the maritime industry. Our surveyors have the right knowledge and with their expertise, they can offer exemplary ship inspection service in Australia. Marine Surveyors are qualified to determine the seaworthiness of a ship before it is registered. Let us know what exactly does a Marine Surveyor does. Job Responsibilities of a Marine Surveyor During the life of a ship, there are various surveys that are carried out. Some of these are annual surveys to study the performance of the vessel on a yearly basis, some are interim surveys intended for the inspection of specific parts of the ship. There are also some surveys that are carried out when the vessel is being constructed. These inspections are done by an experienced Marine Surveyor. Another responsibility that falls under the wing of a Marine Surveyor is of ensuring the functionality of equipment and machinery as per the required standards. This includes checking the essential components such as communication, engines, and navigation. They also need to ensure that the emergency and safety equipment are properly implemented. It is also the job responsibility of a surveyor to witness or to supervise all the tests taking place and they should ascertain all the generated reports must fall within the acceptable standards. In addition to inspections, the surveyors should also determine the load regulations and limits already calculated for the ship. Deadweight tonnage and gross tonnage should be cross-checked with the values in the stability handbook of the vessel. Another important role of a Marine Surveyor is to perform an investigation in the case of maritime accidents. By consulting with the reports of the vessel prior to the accident, Marine Surveyors are able to determine the extent of damage caused. In most cases, they also act as expert witnesses who are able to provide a clear insight into the condition of the vessel. Thus, Marine Surveyors also have an essential role in maritime law and also serve as advisors to the court of law. To know more about maritime industry and marine experts, keep following Sinotech Marine’s blogs.