Cargo Ships, Offshore Vessels, Passenger Ships, Platforms

  • Independent Vessel Condition Assessment
  • Owner’s Superintendent Inspection
  • 3 rd Party Dry-docking Attendance
  • Superintendent Service Worldwide

As marine consultants, we offer independent assessments of the owned fleet. Our skilled inspectors verify the vessel condition, analyze the operational performance, and compliance management against the industry’s best practices and standards.

We also analyze the competencies of the on-board staff, previous history as well as maintenance statistics for efficient ship operations to increase the profit earning during voyages.

At Sinotech Marine we offer the following services to determine vessel condition:

  • Supervision & Superintendence
  • Owner fleet audits & ISM audits
  • Bank assets monitoring
  • Re-delivery surveys, towage approvals & draft surveys
  • Architecture & Design
  • Classification history checks
  • Marine consultancy for safety and Compliance

The Ship Audit services are a part and parcel of Sinotech Marine, as maintaining a track record of complete audit and preparing the post-inspection reports is very necessary for Sinotech because this helps us to know the loopholes and patch them properly.

The customer’s owned vessel is offered a holistic in and out ship audit by our staff that is specialized in every aspect of scrutinizing the vessel.

A specialized Ship Audit is very important at regular intervals of time because it maintains the operational functionality of the vessel smoothly and the deficiencies of the ship are shadowed by the regular check-ups.

Auditing requires a history assessment of the ship, and then work on the problems of the vessel to fix it sufficiently.

Sinotech Marine is the one and only maritime engineering facility that has trusted customers around the globe and works for 75+ countries.

There is no travel indemnity needed because we are situated in every corner of the globe, which also saves the travel cost to manage your Ship Audit services on a better note.